Frequently Asked Questions

  1. As a Sellar how can I make sure that buyers can view my post on the search bar?

    Always make sure you log in to Dashboard, Click personal details, then click on Profiles. Inside profiles you will have to make sure you enter all your services offered under "Skills". For example I am a Teacher planning to offer part time classes, therefore under skills, I will need to type in "Math Teacher or "Part time Math Teacher" or "Part Time Classes". Remember whatever you save on skills will appear under Workpas search engine.

  2. Can I save more than one skills?

    You can save as many skills as you like. The more skills you have, the more likely you will be hired.

  3. What do I do under My Services?

    After you have input all your skills, now its time for you to let the buyers know about your different type of charges. Example. I am a Teaching planning to teach part time, therefore under "My Services" I will need to first type "Part Time Teacher, 1 hour class for $100"

  4. Can I have more than one services?

    Yes of course, For example you could save "Part Time Teacher , 1 hour class $100" and "Part Time Teacher , 2 hour class $180" and "Part Time Teacher , 3 hour class $270"

  5. Can I cancel an order?

    Yes you can, provided the buyer or seller has violated the terms of services

  6. Can I purchase a Blue check?

    No, Blue checks are specially selected manual and given by Workpas team

  7. How do I get Blue Checks?

    Blue checks are given after being selected by Workpas team. Workpas selections are based on number of Good rating and comment on Seller profile.

  8. How can I withdraw my funds?

    After job has been completed, the process of transferring the fund will take 7 working days , thereafter the funds will be automatically be transferred to Sellers bank account.

  9. Will I get paid after a job?

    Yes of course. Workpas will ensure that once job has been completed, you will receive your fund after 7 days.

  10. Does Workpas charge a fee?

    Yes, Workpas charges a fee . Kindly view Terms of service for fee structure.

  11. Do I have to pay for transaction fee?

    Yes. There will be a transaction fee for every transaction made through Paypal or direct TT. For fee structure, kindly check Terms of Service

  12. I am not sure what price to sell?

    Don't worry, we have the "Negotiable" selection under "My Services". Buyers who are interested will request for a price. You as a Sellar are free to set what price you deemed reasonable for the custom Job required.